Concentric Chair

Creating sculptural shapes with flat forms while maximising material efficiency.

Reed Light

Lighting piece inspired by water reeds.

Wave Light

Light responds to noise through waves on water as a wind chime respond to the breeze. Exhibited at Createworld 2018.

Solar Desalinator

An origami inspired portable solution for clean water. Shortlisted for 2019 Lexus Design Awards.

Centrifugal Fan

A study in modelling for injection molding and designing around existing components. This project also allowed me to explore the fundamentals of centrifugal fan design.

Modular Wall Garden

A study in modelling for the rotational molding process.


An exploration into immersive 3D design, modelling and gaming engines.

Kinetic Sculpture - Ruminate

Creating kinetic art with jewellery making techniques.

Digital Jewelery

3D Digital Modelling using Rhino 3D and Sculptris.

7 Summits

A Fragrance for the Aspirational Climber. A 2-part project exploring digital fabrication through 3D printing and laser cutting.

Bike Light Redesign

Redesigning a bike light to use the internal parts of an existing bike light.

Change in Motion

Lego characters get involved in the circular economy.

365 Project

A project to take a photo every day for a year.