Modular Wall Garden

Wall Garden
This project proposed a self-watering modular wall garden to take advantage of the hollow forms produced by rotomolding. The tank is molded to include a standard garden thread allowing the consumer to connect a garden hose, or to connect multiple units in both horizontal and vertical orientation. Pots are available in 1U, 2U and 3U widths and interlock into the mounting tank. Blanks are also available to cover any unallocated holes. Irrigation fittings may be mounted above each pot with the mounting tongue being scalloped to encourage water into the growing area. Metal brackets have been designed to support the wall garden using the same grid system.
Exploded View From Side
Annotated Typical Assembly
Exploded view
Front View
Side View

Draft Analysis

Single pot
Triple pot

Some views showing draft - important for rotomolding to ensure part removal is possible.

Skills and Technologies


  • Solidworks
  • KeyShot

Manufacturing Process

  • Rotomolding


  • Plastic (Polypropylene)