Centrifugal Fan

Exploded View In colour
This was an exercise in top-down modelling for injection molding incorporating existing components into the design. This project also allowed me to explore the fundamentals of centrifugal fan design.
This fan is intended to be used to create airflow to encourage the efficient burning of fuel with a portable gasification camp stove. As such, the dimensions are kept small enough that the device can be packed with the collapsible camp stove and not impose significant extra packing requirements.

Completed product

View From Backside
Isometric View
Isometric Backside View
View From Above


Top Cover
Underside of the Top Cover
Underside of Bottom Case
Bottom Case from Front
Bottom Case From Above
Impeller From Below
Impeller From Above
Battery Cover Inside
Battery Cover Outside

Exploded View

Assembly View

Draft Analysis

Underside Case

Top Case

Battery Door


Skills and Technologies


  • Solidworks
  • Keyshot

Manufacturing Process

  • Injection Molding
  • Designing around existing components


  • Plastic (Polypropylene)