Concentric Chair

This chair aims to challenge what can be created with flat timber. By cutting the plywood in concentric forms, not only is the timber used efficiently, but it also allows a curvaceous shape to be created simply by offsetting each leaf a little from the last. Being cut from the same sheet of timber also allows the natural texture and character of the timber to flow from one leaf to the next, connecting the pieces visually while they remain separated physically.

Ultimately, this chair is a comfortable relaxing chair that provides a semi-enclosed capsule to sink into. One might choose to sit in line with the chair, or to curl up with a cushion or two, utilising the wrap-around sides for support. It may be adjusted to sit quite high and upright, or low and reclined and can be folded completely flat when not in use.


  • Plywood
  • Dowel
  • Steel tube
  • Nylon strapping


  • CNC cutting (Multicam M-2412)
  • Tube bending
  • Stitching


  • Nominal: 1165mm (W) x 975mm (D) x 1300mm (H)
  • Collapsed: 1165mm (W) x 60mm (D) x 1575mm (H)


  • Autodesk Fusion 360
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Vectric vCarve