Wave Light

I wanted this light to create an ambience, but also to react to the environment. A wind chime produces sound when a breeze reaches a threshold. In a similar way, I wanted to produce waves of light responding to the environment. Responding to wind was not an option since the target location is likely an enclosed environment, but responding to the noise levels in the room would be possible, and would result in a piece that responds not to natural inputs, but to the levels of human activity within the space. The more exuberant the conversation or activity below, the more the light piece will respond.

Through the play of light and shadows, the response from the light piece makes it more human as it responds and interacts with the participants below.


Inner detail
Inner detail
Inner detail
Inner detail
Close up of the surround lighting.
Paddle from the outer side
Paddle from the side
Paddel from the inside
Close up of the wave actuators.