About Me

Having completed a Bachelor of Engineering and spent several years in software development roles, I felt the itch to create something more tangible. This led me to complete a degree in 3D and Product Design at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. With this combination, I’m able to integrate my technical competencies with those of modern design practices and aesthetics to create beautiful, functional and useful products.

My name is Gerard Rutten, Product Designer.

Prior to my journey as a product designer, I spent several years in the software development space. During this time, I built an understanding of how to be effective in many environments. My roles have varied from junior level to managing teams; from solo projects to multi-discipline project management; from minor changes to greenfield solutions. In recent years, I’ve continued my connection with Griffith University, instructing and convening several design subjects.

I am a maker, a tinkerer, a coder, a communicator, and a relator. I can empathise with colleagues, clients and partners and can make a complex system understandable at a level appropriate to the audience. I can see the big picture while still sweating the details. The engineer in me is practicality focussed while the designer in me wants to ensure the right solution is created in the right way.

I like to ride on two wheels, both pedal powered or with an engine. I enjoy spending time around water - kayaking, sailing and kite boarding when the conditions are right. I also like to climb rocks or the indoor equivalent.

My name is Gerard Rutten. Contact me here


3D Modelling Software
Fusion 360, Rhino 3D, Grasshopper, Solidworks, OpenSCAD
Maya, Sculptris, Unity, KeyShot
Cura, Slicer

Design Software
Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects
Audacity, Inkscape, Gimp

Design Concepts
Ergonomics, Sustainability, Materiality, Cost Effectiveness, Circular Design
Rotomolding, Injection Molding, Design for 3D Printing (FDM, SLS)

Software Development
XCode (Objective-C), Arduino IDE (C++),
Some exposure to HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, PHP, Ruby

Laser cutting, 3D Printing, CNC Milling, CNC Cutting, Soldering, Electronics
General Workshop (handtools, power tools), Sewing, Fine Metalsmithing

Soft Skills
Team Lead, Scrummaster (Agile Development), Project Management
Ethnographic Research, Requirements Gathering


Queensland College of Art, Griffith University
Bachelor of Design - 3D and Product Design

Queensland University of Technology
Bachelor of Engineering - Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering


FabDock - Inflatable dry docking systems
Industrial Designer
1 year

Griffith University
Sessional Instructor
3 years

iOS App Developer
2 years

Digital Instinct
iOS App Developer
2 years

Leica Geosystems
Database Developer, Team Leader
6 years

Queensland Rail
Database and Software Developer, Implementation Lead, Team Leader
5 years